Our concierges have access to a complete customer profile at each point of contact and are thus able to offer tailor made recommendations.
Our highly personalized approach is the key to a successful relationship.

A phone call to WES to let us know your profile will direct and often anticipate your requests. An advantage for individuals who do not have the time nor the desire to manage their needs and would like to benefit from the quality services without worrying about logistics, this service is meant for them…

We will treat each of your requests, turning them into an exceptional event.

At WES we believe in individual exclusive assistance. The broad range of concierge services we offer span from :

  • Organizing your receptions, at-home dinner parties or in unique venues
  • VIP access to cultural visits, private concerts and museum tours
  • Finding the appropriate therapist for at-home beauty services or recommending the best spa around
  • Coaching by a licensed real estate agent for your global real estate needs
  • When need be, getting the services of architects, interior decorators, general contractors, home or office organizers.
  • To many more…

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